Backpacks From The North Face
A comfortable backpack is key for all-day travel, and you need a place to put all your necessities for the day. A messenger bag can wreak havoc on your shoulders and your old bag may not be up to the task. Get a rugged The North Face pack that'll have your back while trekking through the wilds.
Rugged and Comfortable Backpacking and Hiking Packs
Ready to go all day? Head up a mountain or down a trail with an ultralight pack that lets you carry everything you need on any backcountry adventure. The North Face technical packs, like The North Face Hiking Backpacks and The North Face Climbing Packs, offer a hands-free support system that distributes the weight of your pack over more than just your shoulder straps. Some even add in an internal frame to provide extra support on your journey. Now it will be easy to carry your The North Face Tent and all your The North Face gear.
Keep going down the trail for as long as you want. Many bags feature a hydration sleeve to keep a water bottle close at hand. Plenty of small pockets provide access to trail snacks, sunscreen, and packable rainwear. External webbing keeps things secure and provides an attachment point for extra gear. You won't have to stop for weather either. The North Face water-resistant fabric lets you keep going, even when it starts to rain or snow. Tough materials like Cordura® nylon ripstop fabric keep rogue branches, sharp rocks, or rough handling from stopping your trip short.
The North Face City Daypack and Travel Backpacks
If your adventures take you into the city, never fear. The North Face urban-style Commuter Backpacks provide everything you need for city life. Get a Laptop Backpack to carry precious tech on trains, subways, and airplanes. The padded laptop sleeve will keep your computer safe and many are compatible up to 17 inches. Your standard 13- or 15-inch laptop will be perfectly secure.
Far from being impeded by tech storage, the main compartments of The North Face city day packs are spacious. There's plenty of room to pack a change of clothes, carry a picnic, or just to run your errands. Side pockets let you store smaller items. Stop losing your phone, keys, and wallet in the black hole of the big pocket. With comfortable and breathable back panels, you'll never want to go back to your old backpack again.
Iconic The North Face Style
Shop The North Face range of styles to find the best backpack, tote, or duffel bag for you. If you want a modern-style bookbag for city living that can double as a Travel Bag to visit home, we can do that. Classic bags for hunting and stealthy trail walking, like The North Face Recon Backpack? We can do that. What about a Base Camp Duffel with convertible backpack straps? We can do that! Everything from new arrivals to old classics sport our iconic The North Face style that you'll be proud to show off in photos and to camping buddies.
The North Face Backpack FAQs
Where can I buy The North Face backpacks?
The North Face backpacks are available on and in retail stores. Use our Store Locator to find a retailer or outlet near you.
Can you wash The North Face backpacks?
Yes, though we do not recommend fully submerging The North Face backpacks in water. The use of bleach or irons during cleaning can also damage them. The best way to clean our backpacks is to spot clean using a damp cloth and let them air dry.
Are The North Face backpacks waterproof?
Most of The North Face backpacks are water resistant but only some are waterproof. Please refer to each backpack’s product page on for specific information about features.
What is the largest The North Face backpack?
The largest men's backpack is The North Face Router Transit with a capacity of 41-liters. The largest women's backpack is The North Face Women's Surge with a capacity of 31-liters.
What is the whistle on The North Face backpacks for?
Some of The North Face backpacks come with a whistle on the buckle. This whistle is primarily there for safety, both in nature and city environments. Please note that this feature is not on all of The North Face backpacks.