Kids spend a lot of time on their feet, from running around the local park with friends to following along on a family hike or vacation. That's why they deserve the best The North Face kids' shoes and footwear around.
The North Face All-Weather Shoes For Your Big Kid
Sometimes, dress shoes just won't cut it for the places your kid is planning to go. Spending the summer at the beach? Have them slip on a pair of our Youth Base Camp Flip-Flops. When the cold weather hits, The North Face Youth Alpenglow boots make amazing Winter Boots for tramping through the snows. Doubling as hikers and basketball shoes on the blacktop, The North Face Jr Hedgehog Hikers II Waterproof are great all-around shoes for daily wear. They can outlast spring rains and summer thunderstorms.
The North Face Girls' and Boys' Shoes Styles
Even in grade school, fashion matters to a lot of kids. From our toddler shoes to the boots for preteens, our footwear is meant to perform on the playground and in the classroom. Kids will love showing off their new lace-up styles in their favorite colors. Make sure to grab some extra kids' accessories for your little one to show off. If they'd rather not carry a backpack around on your next trip, Fanny Packs And Totes are a great way for your little one to match you and feel included.
The North Face Supportive Shoes For Big and Little Kids
Whether you're raising a little racer or a kid who's content to walk at your side, they need comfort and support that clogs and skate shoes just don't provide. From the cushioned insoles of The North Face running shoes and athletic shoes to the ankle support of The North Face hiking boots, we're here to make sure your child gets from point A to point B in the most comfort possible.
How to measure kids shoe size for The North Face
If you already know your child's shoe size, you can check our Sizing Chart for equivalent sizes. Otherwise, the best way to match your child's shoe fit will be to have them try on shoes in-store.
Where to buy The North Face kids' shoes
You can purchase kids' shoes right here on The North Face website and have them shipped to you or a store nearby for pickup. 
What are the best shoes for kids?
The best shoe depends on what your child plans on doing. The North Face hiking shoes are perfect for the child who wants to join you on monthly hikes but are also versatile enough for the playground. When winter hits, The North Face winter boots keep little feet warm and dry in the snow.