Girls' Accessories

Save the hair accessories like hair clips and barrettes for her days spent indoors. For her next adventure, get your little girl The North Face outdoor accessories she needs to conquer her day.
The North Face Girls Accessories For Warm Weather
When it's time to dress in T-Shirts and Tights, she'll need warm weather headwear to match. After she's thrown on her favorite pair of leggings, make sure she has a The North Face hat to block out the sun and shade her eyes. The sweat-resistant interior headband on many of The North Face baseball caps will keep her cool and comfortable, even when the weather gets hot. Want the trending looks? Check out The North Face kids' best sellers, including styles for Baby Girls and Toddler Girls.
Cold Weather Accessories For Girls 
The cold winds have started blowing and The North Face Girls' Fleece Jackets and sweatshirts have come out. That means it's time for winter accessories! A beanie with a faux fur pompom makes a great statement on any outfit while keeping her head warm. When it's time to build a snowman, The North Face Kids' Mittens And Gloves are a must-have to keep the chill at bay.
Year-Round Accessories:  Face Masks and More From The North Face
Some outfit add-ons are perfect all year. As all-over as scrunchies and hair ties, face masks are a must-have when you head out. She can stick fun keychains all over her crossbody bag or fanny pack, perfect for carrying her things on a long hike. And don't forget her The North Face School Backpack, with plenty of room for her books, projects, and water bottle.