Luggage And Duffels

When you head out on vacation, you need a bag you can count on. Take along a The North Face travel duffel, Tote Bag, or suitcase to carry along everything you'll need on the road.
Travel Far With A Durable Duffel Bag
Duffel bags are great all-around carry bags. Pack one as a weekender bag for a quick getaway or use one daily as a gym bag. But if you want a true travel duffel, we have what you need. Made with ripstop and abrasion-resistant materials, you don't have to worry about stuffing it in an overhead bin, packing it onto a train luggage rack, or tossing one down in front of your Tent at your next campsite. Extra strong stitching means that running for the train won't include desperately clutching a broken strap. The water-resistant and water-repellent materials mean that even when the next leg of your trip seems rained out. Just make sure you've packed your rain jacket in your tote bag! With your favorite duffel bag by your side, the biggest obstacle to your flight will be waiting in the TSA check line.
Convenience: The North Face Wheeled Duffel and Other Travel Duffels
The North Face knows travel. You want to be occupied with enjoying your journey, not worrying about your The North Face travel bag. We've got your back. There are plenty of ways to carry your bag, so you can find the one that's most comfortable for you. Quickly scoop up your bag from the luggage rack with easy access grab handles. When you're on the walk from the bus stop to your hostel, check out The North Face shoulder straps and foldable backpack straps for a comfortable long-term carry. If you've got the farthest gate in the airport, a The North Face Rolling Duffel Bag makes it easy to get a heavy bag from one end of the terminal to the other.
If you've had trouble with your things shifting mid-flight, compression straps make sure all your belongings stays snug and in place. No more fighting a suddenly unbalanced bag when your hiking boots suddenly end up on the other side of the bag. Dividers and mesh pockets keep everything organized. No more desperately rooting through your luggage for your last pair of clean socks. On a hike or on a flight, external pockets let you quickly grab small essentials on the go.
With your carry-on bag sorted, you can focus on finding the perfect Backpack to use for your day trips to the city and the best Fleece to pack for cold weather.
The Perfect Carry-On Duffel For All Your Packables
Pick your bag to fit the length of your trip. Choose from the Base Camp Travel Canister (perfectly sized for toiletries) to the extra-large Base Camp Duffel XXL (a massive main compartment lets you pack nearly anything). Whether you need a small or large duffel, you can make room for plenty of items in each carryall carry-on. All The North Face bags are designed to be unisex, so choose whichever you want. The North Face larger bags can even hold winter jackets with ease. Having trouble deciding? Check out our best seller bags.