Men's Bottoms

Accessibility to the trails of your dreams shouldn't be limited by your clothes. Get functional The North Face pants and shorts that will let you conquer every adventure you meet.
Durable The North Face Men's Bottoms For Rough Trails
The North Face pants are meant to stand up to whatever you throw at them. Need sportswear for a run? Throw on your favorite Sneakers and head out. Durable fabrics are engineered to survive wear and tear. Replacing your skinny jeans and chinos for city wear? The North Face City Standard Modern Fit Pant offers the slim fit look of city pants with the long-lasting wear of our outdoor clothes. The water-repellent and moisture-wicking design makes them more hardy by far. Even the extra panels and stretch fabric for range of motion ensure you won't be straining the seams of your favorite bottoms.
From Joggers To Shorts To Trail Pants:  Styles For Any Adventure
We offer plenty of styles for the active man. Head to the gym with Sweatpants to keep you comfortable while you run. You can throw them on over trunks when going for a swim. Pair shorts with a The North Face T-Shirt for a casual hike or walk. Prepare for snow with The North Face Bibs And Insulated Pants. We even offer Running Leggings for the dedicated runner.
Get Comfortable The North Face Men's Pants With The Flexibility For Your Journey
Sometimes you just want to wrap up in a Hoodie and stay home. For the other 364 days of the year, we offer relaxed fit pants that give you the range of motion to go wherever you want. You don't want limited time on the trail because you find you just can't move the way you want to. Between stretch fabrics, extra gussets, and convenient side panels, you can go in any direction, including up!
From XS to XXL, 31 to 40, you can get The North Face men's shorts and pants in a variety of sizes. Maximize your comfort by ensuring you head to checkout with the right size by using our Sizing Chart.