Men's Footwear

Take on trails rough and smooth with men's shoes that are up to the challenge. Ditch the Oxfords and loafers for some time outside with shoes that can go for miles.
The North Face Men's Shoes For Walking The Wilds
Whether you want to take a slow stroll on your local park's best trails or head into the wilds for some serious hiking, you need shoes that can keep up. The North Face Men's Sandals and flip flops to the beach. Boots on the slopes and trails. For trail running or city jogging, The North Face Men's Running Shoes are there to keep you going. Make us one of your favorite brands with shoes that are made to take every mile in stride.
The North Face Hiking and Running Shoes With All The Bells and Whistles
Keep the low-key shoes for the boats and the high tops for city fashion. When you're heading out on your next adventure, you need The North Face men's sneakers and boots designed for the outdoors. The soles on everything from The North Face walking shoes to our snow boots are made to grip even in rough conditions. The laces on The North Face men's athletic shoes create a tight grip that won't come undone on a run. Take on brooks, creeks, and rivers with waterproof boots that will keep you dry. Add a pair of Wool Socks to keep your feet clean and dry on the trail. The people sharing your tent will thank you!
The North Face Slip On Comfort With Each Pair
Dress shoes may be made to look good, but The North Face casual shoes are made for style AND comfort. Each pair of The North Face men's shoes or boots is engineered to provide perfect support and comfort. Look for suede uppers on shoes like the Woven Ultra Fastpack Futurelight. Like many of The North Face men's athletic shoes, this is the right shoe for anyone who wants to go the extra mile. An ultralight design makes it easy to pick up your feet while The North Face specially designed insole, midsole, and outsole keep your foot cradled.
Being a trail blazer doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. Look for The North Face DryVent™ or FUTURELIGHT™ designs for breathable shoes that keep your feet as dry as can be. We can find you the perfect pair of The North Face supportive boots or sneakers from our selection of men's shoes. If you need a pair of winter boots to match your new Winter Jacket, keep an eye out for insulation.