Sleeping Bags

Smart campers pack for two main things: eating and sleeping. With The North Face sleeping bags, you know that your camping trip nights will be as comfortable as we can make them.
Sleep In Comfort With The Best The North Face Sleeping Bags For All Kinds Of Camping
Hit the trail with confidence with the right Camping Supplies. Discover everything from a full-length bag that can carry you through summer nights to a down sleeping bag for cold weather camping. Your comfort is important, from valley to mountaintop. That's why we offer 800 fill power down sleeping bags with a temperature rating down to -40°F/ -40°C. If you just need to make the most of your body heat on a chilly night, we have plenty of down insulation bags for the average camper. Keep an eye out for a draft tube collar to keep your bag snug against drafts. If versatility is what you want, check out The One Bag sleep system. With two detachable layers, you can sleep easy on mid-summer backpacking adventures and winter camping trips. Roomy enough for side sleepers, you can sleep however you want on the trail. Some of The North Face bags also include pieces that can roll into a pillow for ultimate comfort.
Your Best Friend While The North Face Backpacking
Weight might not matter while car camping. But when you can't spare the extra weight for sleeping pads or air mattresses, you need something that will keep your backpacking trip comfortable. Backcountry backpackers will love The North Face ultralight designs. The North Face backpacking sleeping bags are compressible, to easily fit in your pack. A compression sack gives bags like the Lynx the smallest packed specs we can manage. Looking to maximize your weight ratio? It's also The North Face lightest bag, coming in at 1 lb, 12 oz. If a rectangular bag is more your style, the Assault FUTURELIGHT™ Bivy is only 3 ounces more. Its rectangular shape also leaves you plenty of room to store your gear.
Not only are The North Face bags light as a feather on the trail, they're also made to withstand whatever you throw at them. High-quality ripstop fabric lets you avoid snags, even in the most rugged areas. No need to worry about attaching your The North Face sleeping bag to the outside of your pack. At your camp, a hydrophobic finish on the outer shell to make your bag water resistant. Sudden downpours to morning dew, you can stay snug and warm inside.
The North Face Camping Sleeping Bags Come With Bonus Features
Extra features are here to make your life on the trail just a little bit easier. Many of The North Face bags come with a stuff sack to keep your bag contained while you put your hiking boots to good use. Traveling with a partner? The North Face two-person double sleeping bag is perfect for cuddling at night. If you prefer to feel comfortably wrapped up at night, a mummy sleeping bag is just right. The mummy-style shape helps you feel snug, even on cold nights.
If you prefer synthetic bags, or have an allergy to down fill, The North Face recycled synthetic insulation bags are perfect for you. The synthetic fill helps keep you warm on milder night. They're perfect for fair weather backpackers looking to head out into the wilds. Plus, several of The North Face bags offer extra space in the footbox for gear you want to keep safe at night. Wherever you go on your journeys, sleep easy at night!
The North Face Sleeping Bag FAQs
How do I choose a sleeping bag for camping?
The first thing you need to do is a little bit of research. How cold will it get at night where you want to go camping? The North Face Sleeping bag temperature ratings range from -40°F to over 40°F. How much weight are you looking to carry? Light bags come in at under 2 pounds while heavier bags can come in at over 3 pounds. Keep in mind the other gear you'll have to carry.
What is a good sleeping bag for camping?
All The North Face sleeping bags are fit for campers. The bag you should choose depends on what you want your bag to do. A versatile sleeping bag like the Cat's Meow is perfect for three season mountaineering. An ultralight bag like the Lynx is a backpacker's best friend. Casual campers will love the Eco Trail Bed 20.
What is the best The North Face sleeping bag for winter camping?
A sleeping bag rated for low temperatures with down insulation is best. The North Face Inferno -40F/-40C sleeping bag is a good example of a sleeping bag for winter nights.